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Article from TNU APRIL 2024

+ COMMENT: Locked out. TNU refused entry to BA press conference

Veteran award-winning travel journalist Malcolm Ginsberg (81) has been denied entry to a British Airways press briefing “A BA Showcase” which the national carrier termed “is a journey to transform the airline”.  The media department chose the evening before the Budget to unveil its new cabin upgrades and explain the latest T5 lounge arrangements.

Ginsberg, Editor-in-Chief, Travel News Update, was refused entry to the briefing at the prestigious Landing 42, 122 Leadenhall, in the heart of the City of London.  Over 70 members of the media attended the event.  He had received an invitation and accepted it.  No BA staff members were at the entry point, only security from the venue.

In recent times Ginsberg has been critical of BA with its Euro Traveller economy short-haul offering.  “A bottle of water and a biscuit is not good enough on flights which can be as long as five hours”, he says following a flight to Istanbul.  See ON TOUR: With Viking into the Aegean.

“British Airways is not supposed to be a low-cost airline.  If you want to purchase on-board, easyJet offers cheaper and fresher sandwiches. Chairman and CEO Sean Doyle’s Praetorian Guard press office are out of order in stopping me attending.  How can I write about the new product without being briefed on it!” 

He did attempt to contact the press office without success. Link here to  Business Traveller's  review of the evening.

The British Airways website says: “The press office is closed between 6.00pm and 8.00am on weekdays, at weekends and on public holidays”.  Ginsberg commented:  “BA is a 24-hour airline. Cover should be offered at all times, and not an auto diversion that fails to respond.  A Dolly Parton song sums them up!”.

Background:  Last year Ginsberg accepted a Business Class long-haul flight to test the latest suite offering.  Sadly, on boarding it became apparent that the press office had not checked out the sector.  It was still with the old seats.


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Tim Procter, United Kingdom

Preposterous! Like stopping Putin attending the UN

Chris Pocock, Uxbridge, UK

From the reports that I read, you didn't miss much, Malcom. Lots of minor cabin improvements, and promises about a better website and service. We shall see - they have a long way to go to restore their reputation.

Blogger Bill, London W1

Very small minded by BA. They had an expensive presentation and one more woulld not have made any difference, and gained a first hand review of the product. Having attended the event Ihad no outlet for the muddled briefing but at least Malcolm told his readers what it was about, via Head for Points. Blogger Bill.

Andy Onymous, London

The BA media office, so called team, is very poor, and rairly calls one back. I am not prepared to give my name for fear of joining Malcolm on the excluded list for briefings and events. He tells me that he is now back on the automatic list for press releases. Anonymous.

No Name, British

Sad to say Malcolm Ginsberg is not the only journalist to be blackballed by the BA press office. I know of several others but unlike MG have not spoken out.

Malcolm Ginsberg, London

BA has one perfect trick up it sleave which it has failed to use. Rename First Class Concorde Class, same product but different moniker. A much better promotion that an upgraded (Concorde) lounge and something to tell your colleagues, rather like having a shower at 30,000ft.

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